After I tell someone I got to see India this summer, they ask me, “What was your favorite part? What do you miss most about India?” And, honestly, I really don’t have an answer. Because what I miss most about India, is India. My favorite part of India, was India. Cheesy as it may (and does) sound, the most fun I had was soaking it all up. Listening to Madan talk about the history behind why the Amber Fort was built, while looking out the window and watching cattle and pedestrians alike pass by our obtrusive van is where I learned the most about India. I am a visual learner and struggle with the unknown, which India completely was, but being there, it all made sense. Because it was so hard to see it from America, sitting in my air-conditioned room (which I thought was warm), I could not fathom how I was going to feel in the humid and moist India with people teeming around me.
What is so great about India that they could call it “Incredible India” in the campaign? The diversity. The presence of so many cultures in one. The incredible amount of people, and the incredible amount of tolerance and respect they show for each other, as they rub shoulders on the street, as they pull up in rickshaws next to bicycles. It’s everything about India because there is so much to see about India. Not only do they have such incredible landscapes and natural beauty that we are not as blessed with here, but the experience that we had as Americans was incredible because of the incredible Indian people. Our experience would not have been the same had it not been for their incredible warmth and welcoming spirit towards us, and their tolerance of our lack of knowledge of their culture and language.
It is the people of India I will perhaps remember the most from my experience in India, for they have taught me humility, respect, tolerance, and utilization.