This metaphor of using the way people travel as indicative and descriptive of their lifestyle, values, and beliefs. Because it is true, at least of myself. I am a horrible packer – not in the sense that my bag is thrown together. But in the sense of it takes me days. Because I think about it for days. Then get it done in a few hours. But a lot of thought goes into it, no matter how random the items within the suitcase look. And I’ve heard this is how perfectionists cope with the fear of not being perfect – by procrastinating and leaving it until it ultimately has to be done. But, I generally follow a routine-ish when I actually do the packing, and my airport behavior is definitely a routine.
But an integral part of this routine is the anxiety and rushedness I exhibit starting an hour before I have to leave for the airport. No matter how many hours I overestimate for me to get ready to leave, I still am running around my house like a madwoman grabbing things last minute and throwing them into my carry-ons and checked bags. Because I am a nervous person and like to over-prepare. Perhaps it reflects my lack of trust. Even though I plan out how I pack down to how many pairs of sock I bring, I don’t even trust myself to have packed enough, so I scramble at the last minute and throw things in the top of my suitcase. Because otherwise, I will worry the entire flight and I will be uncomfortable if I’m under-prepared. Classmates and Dr. Alvey alike were fascinated with the amount of bags I lugged around the various airports, buses, and vans we piled into, but without those bags I would have been uncomfortable. I would have been uncomfortable without my Kleenex, hand sanitizer, face wipes, chapstick, water bottle, chewing gum. The way I travel reflects my high maintenance personality.